Born in Sydney Australia  October 1989, I didn’t exactly have a ‘traditional childhood’ growing up. Together with my Father, Mother and two brothers we grew up living in various different third world and second wold countries. From living in different locations such as Mongolia, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, and Turkey my parents were travelling world missionaries.

Throughout my childhood I was exposed to much of what the world has to offer from compassion, love, acceptance and the reality of how most of the percentage of the world lives, which isn’t first world. I grew up with an understanding that life and who we are is defined by our beliefs, values and morals rather than the items we own, the way we look and the houses we live in.

At the young age of 15 my family and I relocated back to Australia in a small country town called Gilgandra to settle down in what was meant to be the start of a ‘normal and settled’ life.

At 17 I wasnt quite ready to settle down in the one location. With a much bigger desire to keep moving forward and experience life I packed my suitcase and left home much to my parents knowledge. Newcastle, Australia seemed like a great destination at the time and the furthest my one way train ticket would get me. So with no more than $300 AUD to my name, I was determined to find a job and not return home.

11 years later and now located in Sydney Australia, I can proudly say I have stuck to my goals of ‘doing life’ out of home. However, as exciting as the idea sounded at the time I also had to face and overcome many struggles and hardship to get where I am today.

From years of dealing with self acceptance issues, mental health struggles, depression, eating disorders, drug abuse, anxiety and diagnosed with bipolar 2 disorder, I understand what it’s like to be in the loneliest and darkest of moments.

The aim of my website is to build a place where women and girls can turn to help feel driven, inspired, motivated and understand that they can overcome any internal and external insecurities they may be facing in everyday life. As much as there will be a lot of LIFE TALK, I will also be sharing my interests and passions from personal  life, health and fitness with a touch of beauty.

I am a true believer and living proof that the core ingredient to living a successful, happy life is by working from the inside out. It doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside, we are each battling our own insecurities and issues on the inside.

With the rise in self image issues, low self esteem and insecurities in todays society it’s my aim to teach girls and women today that you CAN and WILL overcome these by focusing on your internal beauty rather than your external, just like I have.

We each have something great to offer this world. By accepting and understanding who we truly are, what qualities and strengths we possess the world really will become your oyster.



Even thought I have only just scratched the surface, I will stop there! So, if you are interested to dig a little deeper you are always welcome to contact me HEREI look forward to speaking to you already!