Steve Jobs once said ‘The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do’. Amen to that Steve Jobs because I am totally crazy enough to think I can change the world. How? I am still slightly figuring that out! But my father always taught me that you need to create your stepping stones before you can reach the bigger picture….so that was the beginning of A place when I could incorporate everything I love from Health, Fashion, Travel, Beauty and Wellness to whatever else inspires me throughout the days.



Self Love: I am a total believer of self love and that everyone deserves to feel it! Dove launched the largest study to understand women and girls around the world which showed that women hate their bodies more now than ever before! 80% Of Australian women were insecure about how they looked on the outside! To hear this, breaks my heart!

I am a true believer that it doesn’t matter how the person looks on the outside, we should never judge how they are feeling on the inside! We have this mind set that if someone is pretty then they aren’t struggling! WRONG! Some of the most physically gorgeous women in the world suffer from more insecurities that you could image, this is why I strongly stand for SELF-LOVE no matter what shape, size, or nationality you are, we need to support each other!

A healthy mind:  

We all look after our bodies and health, we feed it green juices and healthy foods, we train it physically so we reap the benefits, but so many of us forget to look after our minds! We live in a world today where it’s all about pushing ourselves to be the most successful beings we can! We overload our minds, we feed it constant information and we are always on the go thinking WHATS NEXT because it’s never enough!

One key factor most humans forget is to take a step back sometimes. Look after your mind and relax it like you would your body. We relax our bodies after a big training session, we detox our insides after a binge eating weekend, but when do we give our minds the time out it needs? We don’t, and because of this, we push and push and push until we reach that breaking point where we are FORCED to take a step back and relax it, this is why I believe mental illness is forever raising in today’s society!

A healthy mind is critical to succeed in any area – They say the ‘Body achieves what the mind believes’ – Well lets focus on creating a healthy mind to the rest of ourselves can benefit from it.

Love NOT hate: 

Women spread more hate towards each other than love. WE are the cause of our own self distruction in society today, WE are the cause of the riasing of insecurities in each other today. Imagine if we lived in a world where we praised each other for all we have to offer instead of destroy each other for our imperfections. I believe that sometimes WE forget we may share the same imperfections as the next person, if not more,  yet we are so quick to pull each other apart, why?!

‘Real queens fix each others crowns’ And i completely believe that. If you want to be a  leader we must raise leaders! That is how the world works, you respect others and they will respect you!

Makeup is a luxury not a necessity: 

We have forgotten what makeup really is, we use it to transform ourselves into someone else. We pile on loads of different products to look like someone we just aren’t. I believe makeup shouldn’t be used to mask ourselves, it is there to enhance the beauty we ALL already have.

We treat it as a necessity like we MUST extend our eyelashes, we MUST cover our skin so it looks airbrushed, we MUST fill in our brows so they are nice and thick and by the time we are finished, we look more like the person next door than our true selves.

This brings me to the point above, if we as women uplifted each other for every attribute we possess, we wouldn’t feel the need to mask ourselves into becoming someone we aren’t.


As much as I can keep going on, I’ll stop there! So, if you are interested to dig a little deeper into what this 27 year old Sydney girl has to offer, you can contact me HEREI look forward to speaking to you already!