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More often than not, we tend to be more negative on ourselves than we should be. We beat ourselves up over the smallest issues and its often easier to give into our negativeness than it is to our positivity.

To change the way we think and see ourselves we must be AWARE of our inner critic in order to beat it. You may be doing it more than you actually realise and once your start to realise it, you can start to defeat it.

  1. Be AWARE – Before most of our negative thoughts enter our mind we are often overcome by a certain feeling which is an overwhelming feeling of negativity. Once the feeling overshadows us we then automatically give into the feeling and those unpleasant thoughts enter our minds. In order to beat the thoughts before it’s too late, we must be in the moment to recognize the overwhelming feeling, once we recognise it, we can change it.
  2. Asses the situation – Learn to NOT get caught up in the situation without thinking about it properly, but start to step back and asses the situation from the outside.
    Imagine your friend or partner in this situation rather than yourself, then think about what it might look like from their end. More often than not, the situation is not near as bad as you initially thought.
  3. Look for the positive –  I whole heartedly believe that there is positive in every negative situation, we just have to be willing to find it and allow it into our minds. Once you understand how to be aware in the situation and asses it from the outside you can then let the positive in. Being in the moment and understanding it allows you full control over your mind and what you let into it. Learn to immediately turn your negative thoughts into positive ones.
  4. See your failures as lessons – Your failures are only failures if you see them as such. You should never look at a situation that gave you the outcome you weren’t hoping for and think ‘I suck because I couldn’t do it’. You SHOULD be looking at the situation and thinking, ‘what can I do differently next time’ or asking yourself ‘Why did I not achieve the outcome I was hoping for’ – There is a reason for everything and if you are willing to look for that reason, you can then work on it and apply it next time. You will then be one step close to achieving the outcome you were hoping for.You may not succeed once, twice, three times or four but you will never be closer to succeeding if you don’t look at why you hadn’t the first couple of times round.STOP CALLING THEM FAILURES and start calling them learning lessons. You learn from them the moment you start to embrace them in a different light.

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  1. Neha
    July 4, 2017 at 4:25 pm (5 months ago)

    Great tips. Totally agree that it’s mostly all in the mind


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